The Main Attractions in London

The capital of the UK is included in the list of the most tourist attended cities. London amazes with its architecture, sights, and a huge number of shops and entertainment facilities. The main iconic places in London include:

  • Tower Bridge;
  • Big Ben;
  • The Tower of London;
  • Buckingham Palace;
  • Westminster Abbey.

Tower Bridge, which opened at the end of the 19th century, is one of the iconic London’s places of interest. Being more than two hundred meters long, it connects the banks of the Thames. The bridge’s structure consists of two towers connected by spans. The bridge’s design is such that one can cross it even when it is open. The bridge is managed by a special team of sailors with a captain. Initially, the British did not appreciate the bridge’s architecture and found it ugly. But today, they are sincerely proud of such a symbol of their country.

Big Ben

Another symbol of London is the well-known Big Ben. At the very top of the tower, there is a huge face. The weight of the entire clockwork is more than 5 tons; there is a Latin inscription in honor of the queen on the face. Big Ben has a height of just under a hundred meters. The tower is built in the neo-Gothic style and has a slight slope to the side, although it does not belong to the falling ones.

The Tower of London is one of the oldest buildings in London, erected in 1078, and is a fortress. The original function of the fortress was defense and protection from enemy attacks. After some time, it turned into a prison for high-ranking persons. A large number of nobles, aristocracy, and clergy were executed in this prison. The fortress’ appearance has virtually not changed to date — it is still the same thirty-meter building build in the Norman style.

Today the Tower is a museum and a repository of British treasures; its sinister function in the past is evidenced only by a memorial plaque with a list of those who died there.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the ruling dynasty of Great Britain. Today it is the residence of Elizabeth II. Initially, the palace was made in the Georgian style. Under King Edward VII, the neoclassical elements were added to the original style. The exterior has a square shape formed by four identical buildings. Today, the palace is guarded by the Household Division, and, at any day, one can watch the famous changing of the guard, which attracts many tourists.

Westminster Abbey

This stunningly beautiful Gothic temple was being built for 500 years. The total area of this main church of England is 3000 sq. m. The church is appealing both externally and internally. Previously, Westminster Abbey was the place of coronation and burial of monarchs. More than 3,000 graves of prominent English figures can be seen there today. Besides, concerts of sacred music are currently held there. Westminster Abbey is included in the World Heritage List.

The unique style of architecture and rich history of London attract a huge number of travelers.