A Meaningful and Exciting Vacation in the UK

Many visitors from around the world arrive in the UK for a vacation every year. Educational tours, fashion sales, sights of old England, cultural and business life, and many other features of the UK attract tourists from Russia as well. This is also stimulated by a variety of prices for a vacation in the UK.

Whom Do Tours in the UK Attract?

Anyone will be able to select a suitable vacation in one of the oldest European countries for themselves.

Russians most often come there to:

  • learn the language;
  • have a good time with their friends;
  • attend a concert, festival, or another cultural event;
  • appreciate the atmosphere of ancient English, Scottish, and Welsh castles;
  • get acquainted with the history of one of the oldest democracies.

The UK is suitable for a wide variety of vacations, training, and business trips.

The Climate

A mild oceanic climate with high humidity levels affects the weather in the UK. Thanks to the warm current of the Gulf Stream, the air temperature in England rarely falls below +3°C in winter. The highest temperature in summer is usually +17°C, with the exception is the southeast coast of England, where the air warms up to +30°C.

London smog is a calling card of Great Britain. London’s frequent fogs and unstable weather are well-known all over the world. When going on a tour, you need to be ready for this at any time of the year.

The UK Resorts

The UK can offer an excellent vacation by the sea:

  • Torbay is a resort area that includes such towns as Paignton, Brixham, and Torquay. This zone stretches for 35 km and embraces two dozen beaches, numerous golf courses, and interesting places for excursions. Torbay attracts lovers of swimming, fishing, and sailing. It is called the English Riviera — the winter there is so mild that even palm trees feel good in this place.
  • Newport is the largest port in Wales. The sea air of local beaches very beneficially affects the respiratory system and patients with anemia. You will be offered a wide range of sea sports and kinds of vacation there.
  • Eastbourne is the sunniest place on the English coast of the English Channel with very warm water. One of the main local attractions is Beachy Head, a 162 m high chalk cliff that rises above the sandy beach.
  • Brighton — there, just 80 km from London, you will find excellent pebble and sandy beaches. A wide variety of entertainment for every taste is a distinctive feature of Brighton.

The Cost of a Vacation in the UK

Prices for a vacation in the UK can significantly vary. Thus, one can have lunch in an ordinary restaurant either for 25 or 40 pounds. Small family-type establishments may offer lower prices.

The same is true for hotels. Three-star hotels in the UK charge about 70–80 pounds per person per night. In the UK, it is customary to pay tips, which usually amount to 10% of the cost. Try to find out whether tips are included in the price in advance.