Movie Download Applications for Mobile Phones

Nowadays, when people want to have a movie night, they no longer have to hope that there’s something interesting on TV at home or find time in their busy work schedule to go to the movies. A modern solution to this problem is movie download applications for mobile phones.

Watching movies online has its drawbacks: anything from an unstable Internet connection to intrusive advertising can disrupt a relaxing pastime. Furthermore, most websites require users to subscribe and create a personal account, which is a waste of not only their money but also their time.

But if you download a file you want in advance, it will not freeze or crash in the middle of the story. Movie download applications for mobile phones not only contain a large library of free movies but also boast excellent quality and decent voice acting for each of them. Good and interesting media content will help cheer up users, brighten up their time on a long journey, help them escape from the routine, or refresh their favorite memories.

Movie Download Applications for Android

Nowadays, there is a vast variety of different programs to choose from. Each of them has a simple and user-friendly interface as well as a well-thought-out content search system. They also have some extra features that allow users to create their own thematic collections and movie galleries:

  1. AVD Download. According to statistics, this tool is especially popular among movie lovers. After users install and launch the application for the first time, they will be presented with its features. In a detailed video tutorial, the developers talk about all the technical and functional capabilities of the application, which, by the way, are available for free and can be freely used. You can download it from the source using any browser.

  2. DVGet. Even well-respected experts praise this universal download manager in their reviews. One of the product’s key features is its high download speed. This is because it automatically divides a large file into separate segments and imports them all simultaneously.
  3. MediaGet. The program uses torrents to work. It has thematic collections and can notify users when new movies are released. You can view statistics on the most frequent downloads and adjust the destination folder for your downloads to your liking.

You can download all these programs for free from the official Play Market online store.

iOS Smartphone Applications

The most popular movie download application for iOS mobile phones is Movie Player 3. It supports all popular playback formats, so users don’t have to do any video conversion. The list of supported formats includes:

  1. DIVX.
  2. AVI.
  3. FLV.
  4. MOV.
  5. WMV.
  6. MPG.
  7. MPEG and more.

Movie Player can play videos from email clients, web browsers, and various other applications. Users can organize all downloaded movies into folders, assign each one a password, and rename them if desired. It also has the feature of displaying multiple media files in a row. In addition, users can enable the subtitles feature as well as change the brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.

All of the media content downloaders mentioned above have received numerous positive reviews from their users. Developers quickly correct any technical flaws in their work. Furthermore, technical support is always open to suggestions for improving existing functions and adding new ones.