Features of the nature of Great Britain

Many people associate England with rain and fog. In fact, the nature of Great Britain is much more varied. The country is relatively small, so there are no contrasting temperature drops. The climate, flora and fauna are influenced by the peculiarities of the geographical location.

Nature of England: climatic conditions

In Great Britain nature is similar to other Western European countries. The climate is temperate. The average temperature is influenced by the level of altitude above the sea. In the mountains of Wales and Scotland winters are colder and summers are cooler than in other regions.

The climate is influenced by the proximity of the ocean and the Gulf Stream. Rainy weather is not uncommon for the UK. Winters are mild but humid. Due to the proximity of the ocean winds often blow and there is a lot of fog.

The natural features of Great Britain are influenced by the proximity of the North Atlantic Current. In winter snow covers almost the entire country. Precipitation is especially heavy in the area of Scotland. In the southern part of England there is much less snow. In some areas it seldom snows even in winter.

Wildlife of Great Britain

The main representatives of fauna are foxes, hares, hedgehogs. In some regions there are deer. In the south of the country there are roe deer and rabbits. Also ferrets and polecats can be noted.

More than 200 species of birds live in Great Britain. And there are both wintering and migrating birds. The most popular are crows, tits, robins and finches. Trout, mackerel, cod and salmon are bred in local water bodies.

The flora of England

Nature in England surprises with its variety. Initially, most of the UK was occupied by deciduous and coniferous forests. But most of them were cut down several centuries ago for agriculture. Currently woodlands occupy no more than 10% of the territory. They are home to pines, oaks, birches, etc. The centuries-old trees are protected by the state.

On the mountain peaks there are meadows and peat bogs. Among the most popular plants are heather, bent grass, reeds, sedge. Despite the small amount of woodlands the UK seems to be a very green country.