Manchester sights (UK)

Manchester is located in the northern part of England and this is the major industrial centre of the country. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists come to this city. They often enjoy busy night parties and pleasant shopping. You can pay a lot of attention to the sights of Manchester in the United Kingdom. This town has many places to visit when travelling through England.

Manchester in England: sights

Architectural and historical monuments, entertainment centres and recreational areas are the main attractions you can see in Manchester. This article will describe the most popular ones.

  • Manchester City Hall. This is a neo-Gothic style building that the British built in the 19th century. The facade of this City Hall is in the style of medieval architecture. The height of the City Hall is 85 m. At the top of this building, there are clocks and a bell tower.
  • Castlefield. This is the cultural centre of Manchester. The ancient Roman fort of Mamucium, which gave its name to the city of Manchester, is there. Castlefield is the most popular place for the first trip to Manchester. The renovated Victorian-style houses stretch along the river channels.
  • Art Gallery. An architect by the name of Charles Barry built this gallery in the early 19th century. He is the man who created the famous Palace of Westminster in London. This gallery occupies three buildings. You can be acquainted with the masterpieces of world art and the works of modern artists in this place.
  • The Beetham Tower. A trip to Manchester, England, will allow you to see a wide variety of sights. The Beetham Tower is a popular monument of modern architecture. It is a skyscraper with 47 floors. Construction of this building began in 2004 and ended in 2006. At that time, it was the tallest building in the UK.
  • The Chinatown. The Chinatown is on the east side of the city. It is the second-largest quarter in England. Chinese emigrants only moved here in the 20th century, but they were able to build a really beautiful and wealthy neighbourhood in the short time they had to sell national things in markets and open supermarkets and cafes.
  • The Central Library. The building of this library was built in neoclassical style. E. Harris created this building in the 1930s. In the Central Library, valuable books on medicine, philosophy, history and art are kept. The collection of this library is one of the richest and most valuable in all of Britain.