Great Britain’s landmarks

Great Britain is considered one of the most visited European countries. It has managed to preserve a huge number of historical and architectural monuments. Tourists are encouraged to go to London as the main attractions are concentrated there. Experienced travelers are sure that there are many places to visit in other parts of England.

What sights you can find in the UK

Great Britain is divided into several parts: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The list of interesting places in each part is quite large so you won’t be able to visit everything in one trip. Here are the main sights of the UK.

Tower Bridge

The magnificent structure is considered one of the main symbols of the country’s capital. The bridge was built at the end of the 19th century. It is both a drawbridge and a suspension bridge. The pedestrian walkways are always open as they are located under the base of the structure. Revising the sights of England it is impossible not to mention the Tower Bridge. It is one of the most striking examples of the Victorian Gothic architecture.

Trafalgar Square

The square is located in the center of London. It was named after the samenamed battle where Admiral Nelson was wounded. Not far from the square is the National Gallery. From there you can walk to the main sights of London. In the middle of the square is a column with a pedestal of the admiral topped with four lions.

Buckingham Palace

The list with main attractions of Britain traditionally include Buckingham Palace. It is the current royal residence. There is always a guard on duty outside the palace. Its change is an interesting ritual. Queen Elizabeth II lives and works at the palace. When she is in residence the national flag is raised over the building.

Big Ben

When listing what sights there are in England it is impossible to ignore Big Ben. It is one of the symbols of Great Britain. It is the largest chimes in the world.

British museum

History buffs are advised to visit the British Museum. The expositions tell about the development of civilization in general and the country in particular. The rarest exhibits are found here. The building itself is a unique architectural monument.