Famous London parks

London is probably the only city in which the buildings are in harmony with the numerous green areas for walking and recreation. There are a huge number of parks where you can spend time with friends or go for a picnic.

Hyde Park

One of the largest royal parks is situated in the western part of the city. In the century before last ordinary citizens couldn’t enter it. The modern park is a place for celebrations, festivities and rallies. A distinctive feature of the park is the Speakers’ Corner. On a small hill there is a podium that can seat a dozen people at once. Everyone can tell strangers in the park about their problems, or share their joy. Despite the lack of microphones, the audibility in the park is excellent. Foul language is prohibited during the performances, as well as calls for violence and aggression.

Hampstead Heath

This wild park is located in the northern part of the city. It does not look like the well-groomed classic parks. It occupies a huge territory. There are forests, meadows, ponds and playgrounds. In summer people can swim in the pond or just wander through the wild forests. From one of the high points it is possible to enjoy an incredible view of the city center. There are also some informative activities, for example, in summer there are excursions with warm-ups and picnics.

Green Park

It is a small park where the royal family used to hold many events. Today it is the best place for active leisure. There are no flower beds and rare plants in the park, but there are war memorials. On the outskirts there is the Wellington Triumphal Arch. A distinctive feature – the park is not closed at night. One usually gets here when visiting the sights of London, as the park is close to Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Street, St. James’s and Trafalgar Square.

Regent’s Park

This is a traditional London park with well-kept flowerbeds, neat shrubs, clean paths and alleys. More than two hundred varieties of roses are planted here. The main attraction is the London Zoo. The landscape design is planned so that all paths and alleys lead the visitor to the city street.

St. James Park

This park is situated in the central part of the city from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of White Hall, Buckingham Palace, and Clarence House. Here you can walk around and see world-famous sights. One of the features of the park is the pelicans, which prefer to sit next to the park visitors on benches. On the east side of the park there is the Cavalry Museum, on the south there is the Guard Museum.

London has a large number of parks. Huge, located in the city center, quiet and small – located on the outskirts of London, with attractions and under protection of the state. Everyone will be able to choose a park in which he can spend free time.