Britain’s Best Movies

One of the attractions of Britain is undoubtedly its film industry. It has given the world a lot of great films and TV series. And the most famous of them, which have become real classics, are described below. But before we start looking at them, film enthusiasts should pay attention to the fact that now you can install the Loklok Movie free to keep track of new movies, get free access to old movies, and even plan to watch movies ahead of time, taking into account the release of new releases. It’s great to see such useful apps for iPad and iPhone popping up today, making life easier for users in every way possible.

What are British movies worth watching?

  1. “The King’s Speech,” IMDb rating – 8.0. According to the plot, Prince Albert is to lead Great Britain during an extremely difficult period for it – during the outbreak of World War II. And in order to convey his thoughts to the people, as well as to support the nation, the king must be able to speak beautifully. But he cannot do this because of a severe stutter, which causes the monarch a number of tangible problems. To fix the speech defect, the king is offered users the services of a very unusual and eccentric speech therapist Lionel Logue. And the result is very impressive.
  2. “Good Hearts and Crowns,” IMDb – 8.0. An original crime comedy in which the main character is Luis Mazzini. He is responsible for the deaths of many people, but strangely enough, he went to prison for a murder he did not take part. In the course of the plot, the maniac recounts the crimes committed, which brought him into high society. The film has caused such a great resonance that it is not even allowed to hire immediately in the United States.

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    Life of Brian
  3. “Life of Brian by Monty Python” IMDb – 8.1. A great comedy with a completely absurd plot but very deep meaning. The central character’s name is Brian, and he was born at the same hour and day as Jesus. And he did it in the house next door. And when the wise men from distant lands came to worship the baby, they got the house a little mixed up. And, instead of laying the gifts at the feet of Jesus, they presented them to Brian. Consequently, now everyone starts worshipping Brian, and it’s up to him to somehow convince the fanatics that they got it wrong. Beautiful British humor subtly mocks the behavior of fanatics of all stripes.
  4. “Cards, Money, Two Guns,” IMDb – 8.2. This is the first work of the talented British director Guy Ritchie. The film is a crime comedy with an incredibly twisted plot that combines several narrative lines at once. Since its release, this film has become a benchmark for many directors, and therefore it is definitely worth watching.
  5. “A Short Encounter,” IMDb – 8.2. This is a beautiful love movie that reflects the spirit of the time in which it was made. The plot centers on Dr. Harvey and Laura Jesson, a mother with two children. Running into each other by chance at a train station, Laura and Harvey fall in love with each other, knowing full well that there will be no development of their relationship as all men are taken to the front to fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. Yes, those days were very different from what you can see now when the close people are even offered a Noteit Drawing app. In it, they can not only write to each other nice things but even draw them, to then instantly pass, despite the distance separating them. Well, coming back to “Brief Encounter,” it is important to note – the film was shot at one of the train stations right during the Second World War when the British land was periodically bombed from the air. So all the lights were switched off instantly if necessary. And on May 8, 1945, the crew even took away all the cameras for a couple of days to capture the festivities in honor of the victory. After the picture came out, it became very popular, as did the train station where the shooting took place.