Magic Kinder description

Magic Kinder is a set of mini-games, combined in one large and interesting story. It aimed at entertaining and educating children, but some tasks require parents’ support. So, magickinder app leads to enhancing relatives’ relationships.

Education in a playful way

You should download free android applications like Magic Kinder because they offer valuable educational experience. And the child learns to solve different tasks in an unobtrusive and playful way, which captivates them for a while. Thus the children develop logic skills, creative thinking, the body, etc.

Get the apk freee, and after installing the bulk of the content is available even offline. The app, as it has already been mentioned, includes various mini-games. In order to switch between them all the games are divided into six sections, presented in a form of virtual islands of different theme. Through Magic Kinder it is available to play 3D exploring games investigating the world, where some adventures anticipate literally everywhere.

The gameplay is created to have a child completing different tasks. It doesn’t let them get bored, though he/she learns new words, colors, math tasks, etc in the process of playing. The more a child plays, the more content and bonuses they get.


All the tasks are conditionally divided into two large groups – entertaining and educating. The first one doesn’t include getting any valuable knowledge, but urges a child not to stop. The latter helps to master sets of new skills in an unobtrusive way. The groups of tasks include:

  • drawing and painting animals
  • reading and listening to interesting stories with animations
  • watching cartoons and documentaries.

To consolidate the results of learning, different quizzes should be entered, winning which a child gets valuable prizes and surprises.

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During playing the game parents should take commemorative photos to combine them in a beautiful slideshow. It is available to do through a simple and free utility slidescan. It also helps to digitize old photos easily not to lose them and to make a stylish family album.