Music Download Applications for Mobile Phones

We can listen to music on our phones wherever we want: on the way to work or while walking alone, before going to bed, or while doing routine household chores.

Our favorite songs can help us relax and forget about our problems, or they can give us the strength we need to overcome those problems and find a way out of even the most challenging situation. Among the modern variety of genres, even the most demanding music fans can find something to their liking.

Aside from a low battery on the device, the only thing that can prevent us from playing the desired file is a lack of or an unstable Internet connection. But even this problem is easily avoidable. Music download applications for mobile phones allow users to save their favorite songs in their device’s memory and play them whenever they want.

Music Download Applications for Android

This OS’s applications contain a large number of audio files. They have an easy-to-use search and a multi-parameter filter that allows users to quickly find any music by style and genre:

  1. Google Play Music. Users can get full access to all of the application’s features by purchasing a reasonably cheap subscription (it even has a family plan for six people). Plus, the app has free radio. The variety of audio tracks available for download far exceeds all expectations. Users can download up to 50,000 files. They can also select the playback quality and be sure that they will not be distracted from listening by intrusive advertising.
  2. SoundCloud. The application’s original goal was not to gain commercial benefits but to bring attention to new artists. It contains not only audio tracks but also thematic shows, podcasts, stand-ups, and other content. Its simple library navigation allows users to filter and sort search results. People can share their favorite tracks with their friends with just a few clicks.

    Guy with headphones
  3. Videoder. It is an attractive, feature-rich platform that allows users to download files from over 100 different libraries, social networks, and other media resources. The process of searching for music and downloading it takes a minimum of time. Users can select the quality of audio tracks and other settings based on their own desires and preferences. The application is stable and operates without errors or limitations. Plus, it allows users to choose the format when downloading a file.

All you have to do to download any of the above applications on your Android device is to open the Google Play online store.

How to Save Your Favorite Tracks to Your iOS Phone

The iOS operating system is notorious for having some limitations, often related to providing free access to applications’ features. However, there are tools that will help you download audio files to your phone without spending too much money:

  1. BOOM. The application allows active VK social network users to download music tracks directly from their accounts. It works both online and offline. The subscription is more than affordable.
  2. Yandex Music. The application provides users with access to over 4 million songs of various genres. It can download files to disk or cache them, allowing users to play them whenever they want without an Internet connection. In addition, the program has a radio function.
  3. Zvooq. The program is only available by subscription. Users only need to renew it monthly to download music without any restrictions (the app provides a 2-week trial period). The program allows you to organize music by album and save it to internal storage.

Music download applications contain huge databases of songs ranging from hits from the 90s to tracks by modern artists. Their players come with a set of standard features that can be employed to shuffle music, rewind it, add it to favorites, and so on.